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Black with notes of roasted coffee and cocoa. Dry sweetness and mild bitterness. We suggest to enjoy it by a slightly cool temperature. Bronze Medal for Best Stout at The American Beer Cup 2014

ABV: 5,5%
Malt: Extra Pale, Tostada, Caramel y Cebada Tostada
Hops: Magnum y Cascade
Floral bitterness, malty body and caramelized notes. It’s a very conservative style. Due to its good balance you can consume it with all kinds of meals and throughout the year.

ABV: 5,2%
Malt: Extra Pale y Caramel
Hops: Magnum, Perle y Cascade
Bitter, aromatic, floral and high alcohol content, hoppy aroma and notes, light and refreshing body. Enjoy it in small sips slowly. Bronze Medal for Best IPA at The American Beer Cup 2012

ABV: 6,8%
Malt: Extra Pale y Carapils
Hops: Perle, Magnum, Cascade y Colombus
Light and refreshing. Recommended with salads and seafood. Ideal for warm days. We suggest serving it with a slice of orange to increase their citrus and refreshing notes.

ABV: 4,8%
Malt: Extra Pale
Hops: Perle y Cascade
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